Top Trucks In GTA 5 Download

Sedans are not the apple-of-the-eye in car race.  Trucks are well-known as well! Check on the trucks in GTA 5 download that would give you whooping experience in driving!

The HVY Insurgent Pick-up

Have you seen the Insurgent movie last 2016?  This is exactly the one shown in that film.  Its purpose?  To humiliate strikes of individuals against their democratic leaders or could be just for crushing minor revolution in an abusive dictatorship.  Otherwise, what would they do on the cannon installed on it? has various tutorials related to Grand Theft Auto.

The Canis Bodhi.

This one can be described as the “classy and elegant” vehicle.  Sure, the rusts and stains on it are obvious but the stories behind these “imperfections” are notable.  This two-door pick up still got the top speed although its start off acceleration shows average.  You would also notice it has some ignition issues. (check how is Trevor’s experience on this).

The Vapid Contender.

If you dream of being the Lord of War in modern times, seating, not in glamorous carriage, but inside of a full-bodied transport, then the Vapid Contender must be your vehicle.  This sport utility truck protects you from scratches as it stays tough with gunfire and impacts.  Though you can be protected from the outside troubles, you cannot expect much speed from the Contender since it develops small amount of power.

The MTL Flatbed.

Despite of the difficulty in maneuvering this unit, the Flatbed is still considered as one of the best trucks you will get in GTA 5 download.  Though, it’s slow to accelerate at first, once it has reached its top speed you will love it more.  This truck can survive four collisions before you could totally loose the wheel.  Other than that, it could easily shove off other vehicles whenever it wanted to.  Sounds fun, right?

The Bravado Duneloader.

This truck obviously has outstanding performance when it comes to off-road.  However, since it does not have 4WD, you cannot anticipate above average function when you want to go hill-climb.  Amazingly, the Duneloader can easily be slowed down before it could smash into other smaller cars.  Because of its impressive torque, one could suppose impressive acceleration as well.

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