I have always been fascinated with shirts and how their designs are created. /here in Houston, there are many companies that sell custom shirts and I love their passion and new ideas. I have friends who are really creative that they entered the art of creating shirt designs. I do not have the talent on artistic creation but I can appreciate its beauty. My friends showed me how designs are created and I just documented everything so I can share its beauty to others.

Use of new technology and silk screen

Years ago, the basic way to create designs on shirts is through the use of silk screen. At this present time, silk screen is still being used because of its many benefits even if new technology is already made available for fabric printing. Digital print technology has been used by custom shirts company for quite some time. It works like a digital printer for paper but instead of using paper, the one used is the fabric. Although digital print is available, silk screen never became obsolete. The efficiency of silk screening is still the best so most companies still use this especially if the order is in bulk. Learn more about link visit on

Use of different kinds of ink or paint

There are specific paint or ink that is used for shirt printing. I actually love the rubberized one because it does not fade. The digital printer uses a special type of ink. It is thin so that the machine can function properly. Because the ink is very thin, it tends to fade quicker compared to prints that weredone through silk screen. If you are using either the digital process or the silk screen, make sure to use the right combination of light and dark colors so that the print designs will be more visible.

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