The Best Yo-Yo for Beginner to Intermediate

Love to play yo-yo? Well, there are many people today that spend its quality time of playing yo-yo and expressing every technique, showing its expertise. Traditionally, yo-yo comes with a simple design and a plastic material but as the world evolves, this object becomes more manageable and handy.

If you are in the middle of shopping the best yo-yo for the beginner to intermediate you might find it hard to choose one among thousands of yo-yos in the market. Thus, we gathered few items and share here with you, hoping that you'd catch one. Learn more about best responsive yoyo on

Choose your yo-yo

You can find different types of yo-yo according to your taste, some are selling expensive or cheaper than the ordinary ones. Here are some things that you can use as a basis for choosing the best yo-yo for beginners to intermediate.


There are many yo-yo shape available in the market like the common butterfly, the V-shape or the  H-shape. Pick one that gives you convenient.


Sizes may vary depending on the shape or material of the yo-yo, you can have the regular size, the small or slim one or you can buy full 5mm size.


Yoyo is made of different material like metal, wood, aluminum and the most common or traditional material which is plastic. Pick one that is suitable for your taste and budget.

The best yoyo for beginners to intermediate may depend on how you will use it, for a start you can buy the ordinary one like plastic to be able to easily manage when practicing tricks. As you go along with it, you can buy metal or other material and compete with the others.

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