A bad experience with San Jose BMW

Every great company will have some flaw somewhere and that is perfectly natural, that is normal, and they cannot help it. The best that they can do is to improve in whatever way they possibly can because that is just the only thing that they are capable of. However, they can also just ignore the bad things about them. There are times when these things can be a bit shocking especially to customers. If you ever had a bad experience with san jose bmw motorcycle, you might relate to some of the following things.


There are some customers that reports of having experienced some racism from some of the staff that resulted to them being dismayed at that fact so that they just make it a point not to come back and forget about the things that they have planned on buying. They are being shamed into owning some things because of the race they belong in and that is just not their fault for being born into it. There are people like that and you just have to deal with it but some choose not to.

Poor CS

Another thing is that sometimes, there are just some sites where you get poor customer service, when the staff do not get what you are trying to say and not even try to understand you or even make amends with you and that is quite a hard thing to deal with, truly. It is up to you to understand that sometimes, you just have to deal with it and forget it then.

Bad quality

Lastly, there may be some bad quality products that you might be able to buy from them and that is just what they have in stock. Should you see some problems with their parts, do not buy it and beware of it too.

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