How to Use Binoculars Properly While Hunting

Sometimes, even if you have the best binoculars for the money you have, if you do not know how to use them properly, they will be useless in your hunting trip. In order to ensure that you are able to use them in its best capacity and to help boost the success of your hunting trip, here is a guide on how you should handle binoculars: Learn more about best huntingbinocular on besthuntingbinocular.

When scanning an area, move your eyes – not your head and binoculars

Some hunters move their head and binoculars around and the light sometimes can reflect on the lens and catch your prey’s attention. When you look and want to scan, do it with your eyes only as if you are reading a book.

Always make sure your lenses are clean

If you leave your lenses dirty from field debris, the images you see will be dim and you may miss some opportunities because of that. Besides, it just seems foolish to get a high-end pair and not take care of it – it will only seem like you are working with a cheap binocular in that case.

Always adjust your focus

When you move around during the hunt, the dials in your binoculars might be bumped causing it to move. You will have to strain your eyes when you use your binoculars again. Make sure you check if any adjustments have been made before you use it.

Notice everything

Have a visual of what you want to see before you start scanning may blind you to other details. For instance, you may want a bear so you scan with a bear in mind. You look for only signs of bear that you miss a deer antler at the edge of your view.

Keep the sun behind you

It is best to look through your binoculars from the shadows so that your eyes will be protected from the sun’s glare. Hunting optics work like cameras when it comes to image manipulation – you only get to see what the light shows you. Use the sun as a spotlight so that you can get the clearest images possible.

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