Different connotations of a forehead kiss

Like how a single word from another person can hold a lot of different meanings and connotations, so does a forehead kiss. After all, kissing is one of the ways in which people alike show their love for the other person. Now, in this world we live in, it can be a bit complicated to think of the meanings of a kiss as it can translate to different things depending on the person. Here are some of the different connotations that a forehead kiss can give. You can find more details on forehead kiss on the site


Though not that popular, a forehead kiss can actually be interpreted as a blessing without having to say any words. It is usually bestowed upon children or younger people by elderly people. It is a sign that they are giving their blessings and good wishes to the other person. Mostly, it is filled with wishes of happiness, wellness and goodness too. It can also mean that way if you are a girl and then suddenly a guy kiss you in the forehead. After all, you are lucky if you find a guy who is willing to give you his blessings as well.


Considered to be an innocent kiss, forehead kisses are usually a sign of affection for the other person without the facets of a sexual intention. It is a kiss that denotes that you are loved by that person and not just seen as an object of lust. If you find yourself a man who would kiss you in the forehead when you are lying next to each other, then you are one lucky girl indeed.

Respect and adoration

One of the best things that you can get when you wake up in the morning would be a forehead kiss because it denotes that the other person is adoring you for your mind, your beauty and your charm. It also means that they highly respect you.

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